Saturday, 12 November 2011

Lalita Kantraju, Computer training Center Navodyami entrepreneur

Innovation in navodyami program is really a process innovation. The success lies in delivering the training program. Following is a quote from a navodyami candidate who shared her story of establishing a new business and turn it into a a lakh rupees a month turnover.

Mrs. Lalita Kantaraju treasures mentoring she received through Navodyami. She talked about her journey of revamping her internet cafe and computer training center.

“I had worked in BPOs for 8 years and I was confident to start my own Internet surfing and computer training center. Navodyami provided me with the seed capital and linked me to the bank also… But my earnings were not even sufficient to pay EMIs on time. Navodyami arranged for special mentoring sessions for me and linked me to successful entrepreneurs from whom I received mentoring which proved to be extremely useful. Prasanna [Dixit, Director, Mahaveer Infoway Ltd, Hubli] sir advised me to get E Governance projects and service affiliations. He also gave me reference and initially I got a local contract for filling educational scholarships. As per his guidance me and my husband visited schools and collected scholarship applications. We did the online filing and this idea really clicked. We got further contracts from other departments like printing of ration card and election identity card. This also helped us improve footfall in to our cafĂ© and our turn over went up by more than four times. Navodyami team was with us in every step of our progress.”

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