Thursday, 10 November 2011

HemavatiHiremath, Vidhyanagar, Hubli, food product entrepreneur

 Navodyami winner Hemavati Hiremath , vidyanagar, Hubli, foods products entrepreneur Before Navodyami:Hemavati Hiremath, completed a B.Sc in Education, has been running a production line of nutritious food made from millet, ragi, and sugar substitute since 2005. She received a training about Masala food product manufacturing and started her own business in Hubli. The business has brought her an income of 10,500 rupees/month. 

  After Navodyami: Having been trained in Navodyami, Hermavati understood the importance of market research, customers' demand and competition strategy.  At the beginning, the production line was in a rented house; as of now, it has been taken to a bigger hall to increase output. The Navodyami team from the Deshpande Foundation also provides operational support in marketing as well as connects her to a suppliers' network to enhance her business's performance. 
In Navodyami, Hemavati was mentored by different food-production experts who gave her invaluable feedback and advices on her business, which has enabled her to increase production output noticeably.  Now she has hired 2 labours and increased the earnings to 60,000 rupees/month.    
Hemavati's dream is to develop her own brand: Anamol Food in Hubli and further expand the business in Karnataka as well as in all over India.

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