Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Saroja Devi - Teracotta artisan from Varanasi

They say it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. – Herman Melville” A life story of an entrepreneur who fulfilled her dreams to reality. Saroja devi, wife of Rajesh Prajapati who is a Navodyami awardee of 2016 is a terracotta artisan from Sultanpur village of Sarnath. Before joining Navodyami, she used to make conventional terracotta items like diyas and cups which was sold at a very less price in the ordinary markets. Lately after joining Navodyami program she gained market exposure and got to know that she can design several other terracotta items which can be sold at a higher price. She carries a total of 12 years of experience in this field. She along with her husband owns the business. Her staff size has grown from 8 to 14 people and her monthly income has increased from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 20,000 after joining Navodyami program. Her daily production is around 20000 pieces and her business reach are till the territory areas of Nepal, her husband plays a vital role in her life he acts as a major supporter to her. Down the pike she wants to increase the market base and increase the market transactions to a next level.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Mentorship session with Mr Renuka Prasad - Co- founder of Havenow food tech ltd

Mr. Renuka prasad co-founder of Havenow food tech sharing his insights about his start up idea & encouraging our entrepreneurs grow in terms of uniqueness & innovations.


Kalanidhi Arts & crafts

Jayashree at her stall in Navodyami santhe, showcasing her handcrafted products

Mrs. Jayashree (68 years) & Mrs. Laxmi (28 years), launched a small business venture in 2016. With no background in business and lack of formal business education, they were unsure about how to proceed. The founders initially invested less than Rs. 10,000/- as the operating capital of their business. They produced handmade products like torans, haldi kumkum platters, door hangings but marketed without any brand name. They realised the need of improving their business competency without which it was difficult to thrive amongst competitors.

2017 marked a turning point in their lives when the founders approached Deshpande foundation Navodyami program for business growth suggestions.  They finalized the the name ‘Kalanidhi’ for their business venture. They were relentless in their efforts towards betterment and Navodyami was committed in helping them scale up. Not only did they attend the 2-day Entrepreneurship Awareness Program and the 5-day Entrepreneurship Development Program, these Disha beneficaries made sure to avail the benefits of different Navodyami programs like Santhes, Karyagaras, Sammelanas to learn the ground realities of business. The trainings and advice from Navodyami mentors armed them to face the challenges of business sustainability.  
Disha is a partnership between the India Development Foundation and UNDP, supported by IKEA Foundation, that aims to support one million underprivileged women in India learn marketable skills and connect with income opportunities.

They soon had a large marketing network involving higher profit margins. Navodyami santhes proved to a boon for them, with Kalanidhi Arts & Crafts gaining a turnover of Rs 8,000/- to Rs. 11,000/- per santhe. Now, Kalanidhi has its loyal clientele who have helped them in further expanding to different locations. The venture initially was centered around Dharwad, but has successfully expanded in Belagavi & Hubballi. The founders aim to establish their own arts & crafts store dealing in indigenous, handmade products.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Navodyami has given my snack a great popularity in all the local markets says : Pramila

Pramila with her popular food products in Navodyami Santhe

Born into a well-off, traditional family in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Pramila hadn’t faced economic hurdles till a very late age. Married to a doctor and mother of two beautiful daughters, she was comfortable in her life. When her doctor husband passed away due to a cardiac arrest, not only was she emotionally shattered, but also confronted with the big question of means of survival. With the sudden demise of the sole bread earner of the family, she became dependent on her extended family for financial support.

But as a self respecting, strong woman, she chose to step into the utterly alien business world. She had studied up to higher secondary levels and did not have any formal business education. But it did not deter her from starting a business at the age of 50. On her brother’s advice, she started a small business from her home, selling Bhadang (puffed rice chivda), a traditional Maharashtrian snack. The popular snack gained appreciation in her friends’ circle in Hubli which boosted her confidence. It was during this initial phase that she got to know about Navodyami ‘santhes’ - platform for micro and small micro-entrepreneurs to exhibit and sell their products. Santhes are a part of the Disha pilot program. The Disha program aims to reach out to 10,000 existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, provide entrepreneurship development training to 3000, and incubate 1000 sustainable women entrepreneurs.

Pramila’s interaction with the Navodyami team and other micro-entrepreneurs fueled her desire to expand her business. She enrolled as a member of Navodyami and started her journey of entrepreneurial learning as a Disha beneficiary.

Talking about her business growth, Pramila says “I started my entrepreneurial journey with the popular snack of Maharashtra called Bhadang, which my brother used to send me from Kolhapur. Initially the demand was low, and I would source 20 – 30 kgs of Bhadang. After participating in Navodyami Santhe, I met more potential customers. My food product got a huge response and people loved the product. Orders started pouring in. I participated in two Navodyami Santhes, and soon after, people started recognizing me and my product. Now, I manage to sell about 100 to 150 kilos of Bhadang on an average every fortnight. Expanding my range of products, I have also started stocking up on Kandalussunchatni , a unique masala chilli powder, turmeric powder, Goda masala (use to prepare vegetable curries and Pulav). Apart from this, I am also trying to sell bhel and other varieties of snacks”

With growth in her business and selling capacity, Pramila has bagged a contract to serve Bhadang as a snack in Jain Heritage International School, Hebbal, Bangalore. The response has been very good and is giving her opportunity to venture into newer markets.

Emphasizing about Navodyami’s role in her success, Pramila says, "No other organization could have done it the way the Navodyami team has cooperated, supported and trained me to be an entrepreneur. Through the 5 day EDP training given under Disha, I have received inputs on how I could better manage my accounts and use resources properly. I do not feel like an early-phase entrepreneur clueless of what I should do next. instead I am confident and I can also motivate other women like me who need timely support at the most crucial phases of their lives."    

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Vishwanath Kenchi, Hand loom cotton cloth entrepreneur

·Mr. Vishwanath Kenchi is weaving hand loom cotton cloth in Gajendragad and he started one Co- Operative society supported by Charka organization. There were 20 weavers working in the Hand loom Society then he planned to increase hand looms in Gajendragad. He gets every month yarn from the Charaka Organization for weaving and gives back to ready cloth to Charka Organization. He thought to apply Navodyami program to get financial support from the Deshpande foundation.

He attended the Navodyami training and he satisfied with Navodyami training because he never got training for his Business development. After the Navodyami training he selected as a winner in Navodyami program and received 1 lac rupees as Navodyami winner. He installed 10 more hand looms and now he weaves cotton cloth per day 240 miter, per month 7200 miter cloth.  He gives cloth to charaka organization and navodyami team has supported him to get market linkage for his product.  He has increased cloth production in his hand looms cloth weaving business and now100 labours are working in his small industry

Navodyami Business Development Training Program 2013

Navodyami Training Program 2013

We are glad to share that since 2011 Navodyami connected with more than 1500 entrepreneurs and provided assistance to more than 40 entrepreneurs through workshops on market orientation, Business plan making, mentorship sessions through experts in the industry, and are also provided with financial assistance. Entrepreneurs have grown their business turnover 5 times to 8 times and entrepreneurs have got suggestion form the Successful entrepreneurs for their business development.
We are launching Navoydami 2013 training batch for Micro and small scale entrepreneurs and for more details about training go through following lines. 

 Navodyami Training Program:

This Navodyami training is available for new start ups and existed entrepreneurs. The Navodyami training based on business development workshop, training will be given for three days.  Limited seats for the Navodyami training 4th batch and we will be charge minimum fees for the workshop. The last date of submit application is 

June 25th, 2013.

Market orientation: Through a series of customized workshops, candidates will conduct market mapping exercises and receive customer feedback on their product. They also learn about market share, competition, and customer choices.

Business plan creation: This workshop translates high-end business expertise into Navodyamis' language. Entrepreneurs will learn to calculate cash flow projection and working capital needs, and\determine projection of business viability. 

Training benefits:           
·         Increase you customers by using different strategy.
·         Growth for your product in the market and business development ideas.
·         Get advice from the Successful entrepreneurs for your business idea.

Program Highlights:
·         1000+ candidates have gone through Navodyami training program and entrepreneurs have increased their business 5 to 8 time turnover. 
·         Entrepreneurs have received advice from Successful entrepreneur for their business development and many of them have changed business strategy. 

We will be following up with you in the coming days and are banking upon you to reach out to eligible individuals who can benefit from this initiative and turn into Navodyamis!!

for more information contact us on

avoydaminfo@gmail.com or call us on 7760965490, 9686956691. 

Prasanna Hegade, Sidhapur, Uttar Karnataka (Masala papad entrepreneur)

Mr. Prasanna Hegde is a resident of Uttar Karnataka and he is  30 years old is a PUC graduate. Prasanna has been running a Masala papad making business since 2010. Prasanna has one Year experience in this business and he is manufacturing Masala Papad, Traditional, Spicy papad. He was sailing only in nearby places and he planned to apply to get financial & marketing support from Navodyami Program.
He gone through Navodyami training program and he came to know about market survey in Navodyami Training Program. He asked everyone about his product feedback and based on feedback he thought to change the quality of the product. Also he gone through Business plan training and he came to know about cost of production for his product. After the training program he has increased his product rate because he came to know his investment cost of product then he worked on his product quality. He has not selected as a Navodyami winner but Navodyami team helped him to market his product. Earlier he was sailing in Uttar Kannada and Navodyami team supported him only market his product in Hubli.   
Now he is making per month turnover 80,000 rupees and he got good market demand for his product in Hubli. He is going to expand his business because he has got more orders for his products.

Saroja Devi - Teracotta artisan from Varanasi

They say it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. – Herman Melville” A life story of an entrepreneur who...