Thursday, 10 November 2011

Dinesh Navodyami entrepreneur

Dinesh ManjunathDevadiga, Bhatkal , Uttar Kannada, Lavancha Craft Entrepreneur

Dinesh Devadiga, (lavancha Handicraft Entrepreneur) has received a Navodyami award amount cheque by Jayashree Deshapande, Deshpande Foundation. Please read about this brief business story. Mr. Dinesh Devadiga lives in Bhatkal, Uttar Kannada and he is an artisan. He has worked in the handicraft sector and in private hotels as a waiter. He had a very poor family background when he was a child, but he was educated. He received good knowledge about the handicraft sector and he learned how to make decorative products by using Lavancha roots. He became confident in the Lavancha handicraft business so he thought of starting his own enterprises.
He started with small investment and got raw material; He hired laborers and then got more confidence on handicraft business. He was earning per month INR 1, 00,000 and then he came to Navodyami program. He applied to get financial support from the Deshpande Foundation and he completed the Navodyami Training Program. He learned about which market oriented handicraft products he needed to manufacture and received financial support from the Navodyami program.
Started one more lavancha mat manufacturing unit and hired 10 more people for increasing products. He also received loan form KVG Bank through Deshpande foundation and installed new technologies in his business.

He has got mentorship from the Navodyami experts for his business development and now per month he earns INR 5, 00,000 and has 40 labours in his Handicraft business. His aim is to reach INR 15, 00,000 turnovers per month by this Aug, 2013.  

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