Saturday, 12 November 2011

Vishwanath has a textile business and manufactures shirts, coats, towels and other everyday products via a handloom which he uses to weave the cloth himself since 2007 and has an income of Rs. 60,000 per year.Vishwanath has completed his education up to 10th standard. His clientele revolves around established companies and individuals, including but not limited to the Ravi Shankar Guruji Ashram, Charaka Institution, Sandur Karakushala Kendra, and Karnataka Kaimoga A.N., Gadag. While his products are well-regarded among his customers, Vishwanath still faces competition against electrically-run weaving companies and other local weavers. In order to successfully expand his business and make it more efficient, Vishwanath will require business and marketing mentorship a total of 5 lakh rupees worth of seed capital.
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