Tuesday, 28 May 2013

·Mr. Vishwanath Kenchi is weaving hand loom cotton cloth in Gajendragad and he started one Co- Operative society supported by Charka organization. There were 20 weavers working in the Hand loom Society then he planned to increase hand looms in Gajendragad. He gets every month yarn from the Charaka Organization for weaving and gives back to ready cloth to Charka Organization. He thought to apply Navodyami program to get financial support from the Deshpande foundation.

He attended the Navodyami training and he satisfied with Navodyami training because he never got training for his Business development. After the Navodyami training he selected as a winner in Navodyami program and received 1 lac rupees as Navodyami winner. He installed 10 more hand looms and now he weaves cotton cloth per day 240 miter, per month 7200 miter cloth.  He gives cloth to charaka organization and navodyami team has supported him to get market linkage for his product.  He has increased cloth production in his hand looms cloth weaving business and now100 labours are working in his small industry
Posted by About Navodyami On Tuesday, May 28, 2013
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