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Shobha Ginigeri, Sattur, Dharwad: “Navodyami has changed my life forever. After Navdoyami training, employees becomes entrepreneurs” Broom Manufacturing Business

Shobha completed PUC in Dharwad and had 5 years of experience in a broom manufacturing unit. Her salary was Rs. 6,000/-; aiming for higher income, she thought of starting her own enterprise. Thus, she applied for Navodyami training programs and upon completing the syllabus, she started her own broom manufacturing unit with Rs. 10,000/- in  Navanager area. She gets the raw material from Assam and local shops and sells the finished products in Hubli.

She received a Navodyami Award as well as a loand of from Safe Hands Co-Operative society. Thereafter, she increased her monthly turnover to Rs. 15,000/-. She hired two labours to increase the production and now earns Rs. 25,000/- per month. Shobha also makes use of valuable suggestions from the Navodyami mentors to make proper financial investment and marketing plans. At the beginning, she planned to invest Rs. 1000, 000/- , thanks to Navodyami mentors, she managed to develop her business plan to be more achievable and cost-effective. Looking forward to the future, Shobha aims at making her ‘Peacock Broom’ famous brand in Hubli.    

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Thursday, 7 November 2013

“Navodyami training focuses on sustainable growth of the business, meeting the expectations of the customers, and effective marketing of the products. Nowhere else these skills are taught, it’s only at the Deshpande Foundation’s Navodyami Program.”
-Dattatreya Kulkarni, Papad manufacturer, Navodyami Grant recipient

Started in 2011, Navodyami is an initiative that support and create entrepreneurs in rural and peri-urban cities of Northwest Karnataka, The program supports small entrepreneurs through mentoring and financial assistance and handhold them to scale.

Since its inception Navodyami  has connected with  more than 1500 entrepreneurs and provided  direct assistance to 41 entrepreneurs through extensive trainings on market orientation, preparation of Business plan, mentorship sessions through experts in the industry, and also with financial assistance to the selected ones. Subsequent to the initial hand holding Navodyami is helping them with larger market linkages.

Since 2011, the Navodyami program has connected with 1,500 small entrepreneurs who are into food processing, handicrafts, hand loom weaving, milk processing and numerous others farm allied and non-farm enterprises. The program highlighted the insight that opportunities may be numerous but market imperfections, disenfranchised producers and most of all ignorant about higher standards of quality expected by  customers both in the core product and in the packaging keep small producers from growing beyond certain levels.

More than 1000 aspiring entrepreneurs have been welcomed into the Navodyami network since 2011. This effort has helped 40 entrepreneurs jump start their ventures and provided more than 6 lakh rupees in awards to our small business owners. 30 of our businesses have grown to be three times their original size thanks to marketing assistance from our team. 

·         The program has evolved in sync with real time needs of small entrepreneurs, providing them with the market feedback and other critical skills that small and disenfranchised producers require. In addition, the program provides a sustained platform to promote continuing marketing linkages. At present, the program invests in three stages of developing an entrepreneur.
Ø  Rigorous selection of candidates:
o   Based on concrete and scalable business idea, evidence of entrepreneurship and aspiration.
Ø  Ongoing mentoring with industry experts:
o   Financial mentorship: assistance regarding topics ranging from calculating working capital, creating financial strategies, and reducing the cost of operations, to reflecting on profit margins.
o   Business mentorship: successful entrepreneurs work with each selected Navodyami participant through regularly scheduled reviews and advise on product development, value chain analysis and customer targeting. These mentors constantly challenge Navodyami candidates to improve their sales and businesses.
Ø  Assistance with marketing linkages.
o   The Navodyami team works with selected participants to help them expand their market.
o   Through online platforms and website networking, participants are able  connect with  high end consumer
o   Entrepreneurs learn to design and package their goods to standardize the quality of product to get a stable base of consumers.

“Business plan training given under Navodyami has been of immense use for me. I never worried to do a thorough costing of my business. After the training I realized the mistakes I had been doing and I corrected many of my practices.”

K. Tukkappa, Catering business.

Lalita Kantaraju treasures mentoring she received through Navodyami. She talked about her journey of revamping her internet café and computer training center.

“I had worked in BPOs for 8 years and I was confident to start my own Internet surfing and computer training center. Navodyami provided me with the seed capital and linked me to the bank also… But my earnings were not even sufficient to pay EMIs on time. Navodyami arranged for special mentoring sessions for me and linked me to successful entrepreneurs from whom I received mentoring which proved to be extremely useful. Prasanna [Dixit, Director, Mahaveer Infoways Ltd, Hubli] sir advised me to get E Governance projects and service affiliations. He also gave me reference and initially I got a local contract for filling educational scholarships. As per his guidance me and my husband visited schools and collected scholarship applications. We did the online filing and this idea really clicked. We got further contracts from other departments like printing of ration card and election identity card. This also helped us improve footfall in to our café and our turn over went up by more than four times. Navodyami team was with us in every step of our progress.”

It feels sweet to be an entrepreneur- Tirumaleshwar Hegde
Tirumaleshwar R Hegde had been running a food processing business since 2004 in Yellapur,     making sukelibargi, a banana based product produced exclusively out of bargi variety of banana- a local variety known for its sweetness.

Prior to his work with Navodyami, Tirumaleshwar earned an average income of Rs. 40,000 per year.

After getting trained under Navodyami he realized the need for product differentiation and positioning. He mapped his process, compared it with that of his competitors and identified the uniqueness of his product and process. Navodyami team worked with him in changing the packaging and designing marketing strategy for the product.                                  

He was also awarded with Rs One Lakh from Navodyami and he bought a drier with the amount received.  Within six months, he sold dry banana products worth 3 lakh rupees and doubled his production capacity. He took another loan from Syndicate bank and bought another drier to accommodate the demand.

Tirumalehwar is confident of reaching one million worth of sales this year. He  has also employed one person to take charge of the business development.

“Navodyami made a big difference in such a short time in my life” Tirumaleshwar said.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

·Mr. Vishwanath Kenchi is weaving hand loom cotton cloth in Gajendragad and he started one Co- Operative society supported by Charka organization. There were 20 weavers working in the Hand loom Society then he planned to increase hand looms in Gajendragad. He gets every month yarn from the Charaka Organization for weaving and gives back to ready cloth to Charka Organization. He thought to apply Navodyami program to get financial support from the Deshpande foundation.

He attended the Navodyami training and he satisfied with Navodyami training because he never got training for his Business development. After the Navodyami training he selected as a winner in Navodyami program and received 1 lac rupees as Navodyami winner. He installed 10 more hand looms and now he weaves cotton cloth per day 240 miter, per month 7200 miter cloth.  He gives cloth to charaka organization and navodyami team has supported him to get market linkage for his product.  He has increased cloth production in his hand looms cloth weaving business and now100 labours are working in his small industry
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Shobha Ginigeri, Sattur, Dharwad. Broom manufacturing Business (Navodyami made my life: After Navdoyami training employee becomes an entrepreneur)

Shobha has completed PUC in Dharwad and she has 5 yrs experience in the broom manufacturing unit. She was getting month salary worth of 6,000 rupees but after long experience she thought to start own enterprises. She got opportunity to apply in Navodyami training program and after getting navodyami training she started with 10,000 rupees investment her broom manufacturing unit in the Navanager area. She gets raw material from the Assam, local shops and she sales all the brooms in Hubli.

She also got Navodyami award amount and then she received 35,000 rupees loan from the Safe hands Co-Operative society and they she increased her monthly turnover worth of INR 15,000. Again she hired two labours for increasing monthly turnover and now she earns per month INR 25,000. She also got good suggestion from the Navodyami Mentors experts and it helped her in the financial investment plan, marketing. Earlier her plan was to invest 10, 00,000 rupees but now she has changed her business plan. She thought to start with small investment and increase the production and her aim is to make her Peacock broom brand in Hubli.     

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Navodyami Training Program 2013

We are glad to share that since 2011 Navodyami connected with more than 1500 entrepreneurs and provided assistance to more than 40 entrepreneurs through workshops on market orientation, Business plan making, mentorship sessions through experts in the industry, and are also provided with financial assistance. Entrepreneurs have grown their business turnover 5 times to 8 times and entrepreneurs have got suggestion form the Successful entrepreneurs for their business development.
We are launching Navoydami 2013 training batch for Micro and small scale entrepreneurs and for more details about training go through following lines. 

 Navodyami Training Program:

This Navodyami training is available for new start ups and existed entrepreneurs. The Navodyami training based on business development workshop, training will be given for three days.  Limited seats for the Navodyami training 4th batch and we will be charge minimum fees for the workshop. The last date of submit application is 

June 25th, 2013.

Market orientation: Through a series of customized workshops, candidates will conduct market mapping exercises and receive customer feedback on their product. They also learn about market share, competition, and customer choices.

Business plan creation: This workshop translates high-end business expertise into Navodyamis' language. Entrepreneurs will learn to calculate cash flow projection and working capital needs, and\determine projection of business viability. 

Training benefits:           
·         Increase you customers by using different strategy.
·         Growth for your product in the market and business development ideas.
·         Get advice from the Successful entrepreneurs for your business idea.

Program Highlights:
·         1000+ candidates have gone through Navodyami training program and entrepreneurs have increased their business 5 to 8 time turnover. 
·         Entrepreneurs have received advice from Successful entrepreneur for their business development and many of them have changed business strategy. 

We will be following up with you in the coming days and are banking upon you to reach out to eligible individuals who can benefit from this initiative and turn into Navodyamis!!

for more information contact us on

avoydaminfo@gmail.com or call us on 7760965490, 9686956691. 
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Mr. Prasanna Hegde is a resident of Uttar Karnataka and he is  30 years old is a PUC graduate. Prasanna has been running a Masala papad making business since 2010. Prasanna has one Year experience in this business and he is manufacturing Masala Papad, Traditional, Spicy papad. He was sailing only in nearby places and he planned to apply to get financial & marketing support from Navodyami Program.
He gone through Navodyami training program and he came to know about market survey in Navodyami Training Program. He asked everyone about his product feedback and based on feedback he thought to change the quality of the product. Also he gone through Business plan training and he came to know about cost of production for his product. After the training program he has increased his product rate because he came to know his investment cost of product then he worked on his product quality. He has not selected as a Navodyami winner but Navodyami team helped him to market his product. Earlier he was sailing in Uttar Kannada and Navodyami team supported him only market his product in Hubli.   
Now he is making per month turnover 80,000 rupees and he got good market demand for his product in Hubli. He is going to expand his business because he has got more orders for his products.
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