Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Living in Bhatkal, Dinesh completed his Bachelor degree in Design and Arts. He worked in a Handicraft Company where he gained experience and ideas about handicraft products. He dreamed of starting his own business at a young age and eventually started ‘Annapurna Handicraft Industry’ with a small investment and number of labours. The company sells arts and crafts along with daily need items that made out of vitiwar, or lavancha roots. Some of his products included caps, footwear, office equipment and religious idols (all made of sustainable materials). Human resources was one of his biggest challenge. In 2011 he managed to have 20 labours working in the production. He came to know about Navodyami program in the same year and applied to get Navodyami support. At the point, he earned Rs. 80,000/- per month.

Through Navodyami training programs, Dinesh learnt a great deal about market-oriented products. He was selected as Navodyami winner and received Rs. 175,000/- as financial support from the Deshpande Foundation. With the help of Navodyami, He received Rs. 1500,000/- as a loan from KVG Bank. With that capital, he started another smaller unit in his town with 10 labors to increase production. Navodyami mentors guided him on business development plans. Now more than 35 labours are working in his business and he has implemented new technologies to increase the lavancha handicraft production. He has a turnover of Rs. 450,000/- per month with a net profit of Rs. 125,000/-.
Posted by About Navodyami On Tuesday, December 10, 2013
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