Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Shobha Ginigeri, Sattur, Dharwad. Broom manufacturing Business (Navodyami made my life: After Navdoyami training employee becomes an entrepreneur)

Shobha has completed PUC in Dharwad and she has 5 yrs experience in the broom manufacturing unit. She was getting month salary worth of 6,000 rupees but after long experience she thought to start own enterprises. She got opportunity to apply in Navodyami training program and after getting navodyami training she started with 10,000 rupees investment her broom manufacturing unit in the Navanager area. She gets raw material from the Assam, local shops and she sales all the brooms in Hubli.

She also got Navodyami award amount and then she received 35,000 rupees loan from the Safe hands Co-Operative society and they she increased her monthly turnover worth of INR 15,000. Again she hired two labours for increasing monthly turnover and now she earns per month INR 25,000. She also got good suggestion from the Navodyami Mentors experts and it helped her in the financial investment plan, marketing. Earlier her plan was to invest 10, 00,000 rupees but now she has changed her business plan. She thought to start with small investment and increase the production and her aim is to make her Peacock broom brand in Hubli.     

Posted by About Navodyami On Tuesday, May 28, 2013
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